St. Jude Parish Festival
This year Sacred Heart School is partnering
with St. Jude Parish to plan and run the 2022
Parish Festival. This is a big effort with the
potential for big profit for the church and
the school. We need a LOT of volunteers
to make it a success!

Spring Hoagie Sale
Sale closes on May 13th.  Pick up will be May 19th
- just in time to pack a lunch for Kennywood Day!

Sarris Candy Sale
Available all year.
$5 flat rate shipping!
Over $3000 raised so far this year :)
Group ID: 10-1411

Electronic and physical gifts
cards available all year!
Download the app or use the website.
Use "Enroll" button to learn more!

Boon Supply
Shopping is available all year
to support our school!
Over $900 raised so far!

Cash Bash 2022
We hope to see you on May 13th for a
lot raffles and prizes!
Ticket sales are closed
but we still need volunteers.

Past Events and Fundraisers

Readers logged over 1,680 hours. 
We raised $13,350 for Sacred Heart and
$4,450 for East End Cooperative Ministries!

2nd Annual Family Bingo Night
$4900 raised.  Thank you!

Peach Bowl Pool
Congratulations to the winners!
And thank you for helping
us raise $2000!

Scholastic Book Fair
$2100 raised and many
books donated to classrooms.  

Holiday Greens
$2300 raised.  Thank you!

Santa's Workshop
Raised $960!

Penny Wars
Nearly $10,000 raised!
A portion will be used for
new recess equipment.

Classroom Supplies
Over $2000 reimbursed
to teachers this year.

Fall Triangle Hoagie Sale
$2192 raised.  Thank you!

Pre-K and Kindergarten
Tears and Cheers
Donuts, coffee (and tissues) for parents
on the first morning of school

Anti-Bullying Presentation
Performed for grades K-4 by
Magician Mike Seege in
partnership with Doodle Bugs